Hi, I’m Lori!

You can also call me Laure, Mariana, or 刘曼, my various identities as a language learner over the years. As a veterinarian and a Westerner who speaks medical Chinese, I have a pretty unique skill set. Translation is addictive to me. Whenever I stray from it to embark on a new endeavor or project (or even a new career!), I always find myself back in front of my computer, poring over a foreign language document and obsessing over the best English version of each idea.
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Recent publications:

My Story

My Story

Smitten with Romance (Languages)

My love affair with languages began with French in junior high school. I kept up with it and added Spanish in high school. In college, I continued to study French, along with science, another great interest of mine. I spent a semester studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. After college, I obtained my Master’s in linguistics and realized that translation trumped theoretical linguistics for me. Because of my foundation in French and Spanish, I had the amazing opportunity to join a government language training program. I learned Chinese in that program and then worked as a linguist for the federal government and some government contracting agencies.

Em”barking” on a New Adventure

After a few years in translation, I began to wish for more interactive work with a science component. So I em”barked” upon veterinary school at Tufts University. After four intense years (including a trip to China and the birth of my first son!), I began practicing small animal medicine and translating “on the side.” Finally, the siren song of translation called me back, and I dedicated myself to Newman Translations full time in 2014. The obvious specialization for me was veterinary medicine (though I translate lots of human medicine too). I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn Chinese in my job and to earn a doctorate in my specialty. Fate has allowed me to put it all together.