Where language and medicine meet

Translation & Editing

Chinese, French, & Spanish into English

Medical & Veterinary

Who I am

A trained veterinarian

An insatiable polyglot

An experienced linguist (over 12 years in the business!)

Whom I Help

My goal is your goal, whether it is to gain drug regulatory approval, advance research, treat patients, or enter new markets. As a communication specialist for over 12 years, I blend my medical knowledge with my foreign language and English writing skills to enhance my clients’ success.

Medical researchers and clinicians

Government organizations

Pharmaceutical companies

Academic publishers

Veterinary equipment companies


Using Chinese, French, and Spanish documents as a starting point, I craft English versions that read as if they were originally written in English. Having lived in countries where each of these languages is spoken, I developed strong language proficiency and cultural understanding that inform my work. I even studied Mayan in Guatemala (though I am not proficient enough to translate it).


My work focuses primarily on human and veterinary medicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. I translate diverse documents pertaining to clinical trials, regulatory issues, pharmaceutical marketing, and medical devices, plus scientific research articles, patient medical histories, and veterinary textbooks.


As a veterinarian, I understand medicine in detail, and as an insatiable polyglot, I may very well speak your language. If not, maybe I can learn it! Contact me today to take me up on that offer (or to get a customized quote on your project).