Here is a scientific article I translated from Chinese to English. The original Chinese article is indexed here:

Zhang DZ, “Diagnosis and Treatment of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome”

Here are titles of four monographs I translated from Spanish to English for a Spanish publisher:

“Congestive Heart Failure” by Javier Esteban Rodríguez Velarde, Grupo Asís, 2018

“Chronic Valvular Disease” by Joaquín Bernal de Pablo-Blanco, Grupo Asís, 2018

“Small Animal Emergency Care: Quick Reference Guide” by Carlos Torrente, Grupo Asís, 2017

“Quick Guidebook to Canine and Feline Ophthalmology” by Javier Esteban Martín, Grupo Asís, 2017


Here are some health journalism pieces I wrote recently:

Checklists in veterinary medicine

Wearable technology for pets

I wrote this feature jointly with Erin Lyons for the American Translators Association professional journal (page 24):

Translating Diagnostic Imaging