Welcome to Newman Translations, a premier provider of medical and veterinary translations from Chinese, French, and Spanish into English.

What I do

I translateedit, and review translations for accuracy and style. My specialties are medicine (human and veterinary), pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, but I translate a wide range of subjects including legal and marketing subjects. I love learning something new from each translation, and I love a challenge!

Who I am

I was a committed polyglot and professional Chinese linguist before taking a 4-year detour through veterinary school. Now a veterinary doctor, I practiced small animal medicine for a bit and then returned to translation, my true love. I am now a freelance medical/veterinary translator and refer to myself as a “polyglutton” because I can’t get enough of languages!

My language background (“Confessions of a ‘polyglutton'”)

A native English speaker, I have always had a passion for foreign languages and travel. I studied French and Spanish in high school and spent a semester in college at the Sorbonne in Paris. After college, I studied advanced Spanish in Costa Rica for a month and had the amazing privilege of studying Kaqchikel Mayan in Guatemala during my master’s program in linguistics.

After attaining my MA, I embarked upon learning Mandarin Chinese for my job and and was fortunate to spend a semester in Beijing studying advanced Chinese. After about 2.5 years of full-time Chinese study, I was certified at professional-level fluency in reading and listening for Chinese, French, and Spanish. I then worked for a few years as a full-time Chinese > English translator. And now here we are.