Welcome to Newman Translations, a premier provider of medical and veterinary translation and editing services. With over ten total years of experience in translation and editing, as well as a doctorate in veterinary medicine, I can help you complete your specialized translation and editing projects on time and on budget.

What I Do

I translate documents from Chinese, French, and Spanish into English. I also edit translations for accuracy and style. My specialties are medicine (human and veterinary), clinical trials, regulatory documentation, academic research, and pharmaceutical collateral.

My specific experience includes patient medical records, clinical trial documents (e.g., investigator’s brochures, protocols, informed consent forms, adverse event reports, patient information), regulatory correspondence, NDA/IND submission-related documentation, regulations for SFDA/FDA/EMA, research journal articles, medication package inserts, medical device instructions for use, medical marketing materials, and veterinary supply marketing materials.

Why Hire Me

Few translators have in-depth medical knowledge or hold a doctorate in their specialty. I was a professional Chinese linguist for many years before em”barking” on veterinary school. Now a veterinary doctor, I practiced small animal medicine for a bit and then returned to translation, my true love. It’s only fitting that I created a career by blending my medical knowledge with my language skills.

Why else should we work together? I have never missed a deadline and absolutely love serving my clients. Read what they have to say.